Ruach Ru Working On EP To Be Released This Summer (@RuachRu)

RUACH 3With a trending single, a new band and a slew of public appearances, Ruach Ru is now gearing up to release an EP this summer. The project, which is not yet titled, will feature seven songs on the TideJam Records label. It’s being recorded at Green Links Studio with creative contributions from Claudia Harrison, Matthew Harrison, David Smith and Jupita Redman.

The EP will feature a blend of roots Reggae and Dancehall riddims, all with positive, inspirational messages. Some song titles include: Hold Strong, Time Is Changing, Ride Up, Peace or War, and No More Crying. Mr. Player Man will serve as the lead single, while the seventh song is yet to be decided.

According to Ruach Ru:“All the songs were inspired by life, social conditions and common experiences so audiences can easily relate to them.”

Visit Ruach Ru‘s official website for additional info.

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