Teflon, Jamaica’s Young King, Is ‘So Determine’ To Share His New EP With You (@TEFLON_JA)

TeflonSo Determine is the latest EP from Reggae/DanceHall Artist Teflon, aka Young King. It features tracks like “Nuh Time Fi Gaze,” from hit producer DJ Wayne, which is already making its way into steady rotation on several radio and video countdown shows. DJ Wayne is also responsible for “Jerusalem,” on which the Young King reminds us of his lyrical ability while delivering a message to remain strong and focused even in the face of adversity.

This EP is nothing short of hit after hit with the captivating riddims of Mafizzieon tracks like “Solid as A Rock,” which focuses on the Blessing of Life itself. Unruly producer Not Nice delivered on the track for “En Memoria,” the heartfelt dedication to those we miss.

So Determine is a reminder that giving up is never the answer. Our mindset determines the outcome of everything we wish to accomplish long before we put forth action. The official release date for the EP is April 27th but persons can pre-order HERE.

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