Alpheus Releases New Album ‘Light Of Day’ (@ALPHEUS01)

Alpheus 1 loAfter the success of ‘From Creation’ (2011) and ‘Good Prevails’ (2014), which were both produced by Roberto Sánchez; UK based reggae artist Alpheus returns with a new album ‘Light Of Day,’ which also gives production credits to Roberto Sánchez. This is the 5th full length album of Alpheus’ career since he recorded his first work for the legendary Jamaican label Studio One (with Coxsone Dodd).

Alpheus has delivered an excellent work! The project reflects his love for Roots Reggae, Ska, Rock Steady and Early Reggae, as all these genres are on full display on this record. ‘Light Of Day’ is currently available on LP, CD and in digital download format.

1. Light Of Day
2. Nah Go Tek It
3. Apart
4. No Way
5. Facety Rudie
6. All Together
7. Positive Move
8. Just a Little
9. Fantasy
10. Love Life
11. Past Is The Past

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