JUNGLE GEORGE Biography (@JungleGeorge7)

Jungle George1Aston George Hewitt, publicly known as Jungle George, is arguably one of Jamaica’s best kept music secret. This humble, yet extremely talented man is a professional guitar player, who has played with some of Jamaica’s most established artists; a producer, who operates his own recording studio; as well as a singer, song writer and vocalist, with a growing catalogue.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Aston moved around a lot as a child. He first lived in Maxfield, then Spanish Town, then Pembroke Hall and then back to Maxfield. All the time with his mother, four brothers and three sisters. Because he moved a lot, he also attended quite a few schools. He started out at Mrs. Bowen’s Basic School on Whitfield Avenue, from there he went on to Whitfield All Age and then it was on to Tradigo Park All Age in Spanish Town. While living in the city of Pembroke Hall, he attended both Marverly All Age and Pembroke Hall Secondary. He also went to Belfield Comprehensive High School for a brief period.

Growing up, Aston took an interest in: football, volleyball, track and field (with an emphasis on long jump), boy-scout, the 4H Club and the debating team. He also developed a passion for the visual arts (specifically drawing) but ultimately gave his heart to music.

His musical journey began at Pembroke Hall High School. While there, he was often called on to perform at many of the school’s functions. That being said, everything changed at the very beginning of grade 7 when he was asked if he would like to audition for the choir, which, at the time, was being directed by Mr. Paul Ennis, a former member of the Kingston College Chapel Choir. Needless to say, he made the cut and the choir continued on even after he left school. The group consisted of Cleveland Brownie, Norman and Barrington Jones (brothers of the popular drummer Dezie Jones from the Chalice Band).

Though Paul Ennis sparked a fire in Jungle George, it was the seeds planted by watching and being around his uncles, Lassells and Corel Hewitt, who both played in a number of local bands, as well as his cousin, Ernest Ranglin, that eventually grew in him. Young George followed his uncle’s footsteps and joined Lloyd Parkes & We The People Band in 1996. As a member of the band he got the opportunity to work with almost every Jamaican artist and even some international acts like the Temptations. He has played on records for much sought after artists such as: The Abyssinians, Lutan Fyah, Dubkor and many more.

Fast forward to 2018 and Jungle George finds himself working on a number of songs for his 1st album. Over the years he has worked on many singles, literally in the hundreds, and he is now selecting the best tracks for placement on his full length studio album. Additionally, he is on a mission to rid Jamaica and the rest of the world of crime and violence, by giving the youths an opportunity to become artists, and/or musicians, and giving away free recording sessions and musical lessons. He is also working on getting his own children, who are all skilled musicians, more involved in the music industry.

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