Stone Love’s Billy Slaughter To Be Crowned In Miami On July 7th (@DPOWSTONELOVE @jamaicastonelov ‏@StoneLoveMusic @XaunStoneLove)

Billy SlaughterLegendary selector, Billy Slaughter, from the world immortal Stone Love sound, will be crowned at Cha Cha’s birthday bash in Miami on Saturday, July 7th. The event, which is being done by Cha Cha, in collaboration with C & F Promotion, will be held at The Villa night club – located at 19501 NW 2nd Avenue – in North Miami.

In addition to Billy Slaughter and other members from the Stone Love camp,  Tek9 Sound, X-Squad, Richie Pooh, Agent Movements and others will also be featured.

Early bird tickets, which are going for $20 USD, are now available via several locations in and around Miami. Persons should call 786-487-5984 for information.

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