Ruach Ru Explains The Delay In The Release Of Her Video “Mr. Player Man” (@RuachRu)

RUACH PLAYER MAN VIDEO 13Reggae-soul recording artist, Ruach Ru, is currently talking to her lawyer regarding bringing a lawsuit against IIFold Creative Studios, the company contracted to shoot and edit her video for the hit single Mr. Player Man.

According to the song writer, the company has defaulted in their agreement on many fronts: 1) they did not meet the agreed deadline of June 26th for the release of the video; 2) IIFold Creative Studios is making copyright claims, which they are not entitled to, on Ruach Ru’s song; and finally, 3) they did not present the video they initially guaranteed (this is regarding the storyline).

When asked to issue an official statement for the media, a displeased Ruach Ru said:

“I’m really frustrated and disappointed with two fold creative studios. I really believe that they are a creative group and was willing to continue working with them even after they missed the deadline for the video release. However their sudden and unexpected copyright claims against the video is one which forces me to take the necessary steps to protect my music and product. My apologies to the fans again for the delay.”

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