Venessa McLean, the daughter of legendary reggae musician Ranchie McLean, releases new song “Footsteps”

Venessa McLeanFootsteps is the second release from emerging recording artist Venessa McLean.

Venessa McLean is the daughter of legendary, award winning reggae musician Bertram ‘Ranchie’ McLean, and the niece of two time award winning Gospel artist Gray Patch. For those not familiar with Bertram ‘Ranchie’ McLean, he was a Jamaican musician (Guitar, Bass guitar, Keyboard) active between the 1970s and the 1990s, who recorded with many of Jamaica’s biggest stars. After a lot of internal struggles and debate, Venessa has decided to answer her musical calling and follow the trail left by her father.

Footsteps was produced by Queson Brown; it was mixed by established Gospel producer and engineer Don McDowell and mastered by Rohan Dwyer.

When asked what inspired the song, Venessa said the following:
“The song was inspired by my faith in God that always triumphs despite the plots of negative people around me at different stages in my life during my childhood adulthood and oh those professional plotters cannot be left out. Knowing that they can’t stop me because God has ordered my path basically the steps of this good woman was ordered by God.”

The official video for Footsteps was shot by Maria Jackson on Thursday, July 5th. It is currently being edited and will be released in approximately two weeks.

DJs please email for a promo copy of the mp3.

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