SIKATING Biography (@sikating93)

sikatingSylvester Williams, professionally known as SikaTing, is a Jamaican based, dancehall recording artist.

Born at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Sylvester grew up in the Greenwich Farm area, in and around Tower Hill and the Olympic Court Community. He had a pretty normal childhood, living with both Christian parents and his six siblings (three brothers and three sisters). He attended Seaward All Age, Saint Andrew Technical and Penwood High Schools. While a majority of his peers were steeped in their books and involved in extra curriculum activities, Sylvester spent most of his school years chasing the ladies, something he would later talk about extensively in his music.

Approximately one year after leaving high school, Sylvester began dabbling in song writing and performing. As he was a fan of dancehall stars Bounty Killer and Aidonia, he developed a musical style that was very hardcore and aggressive. The artist name he used in the beginning was Mr. Kool. That was later to change to SikaTing because his crew felt he was lyrically “sicker” (better) than a lot of the trending artists at the time. He added the ‘Ting’ so that he could have a three syllable intro. Hence, his slogan was; “SikaTing, lick a fling.”

With the full support of his close friends and all his siblings, SikaTing is steadily carving out a space for himself in the Jamaican music industry. He has recently released three new singles – Live In, Suh We Duh We Thing and Man In Charge – that he is currently promoting.

Persons wanting to work with SikaTing may do so by sending an email to or, or by calling 1.876.535.9513








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