New Release From Rebel Sound Records: Karamanti “Walkout”

WALKOUTRebel Sound Records is proud to announce the release of Karamanti’s brand new single entitled, “Walk Out.” This is the latest track to come off the 805 Riddim produced by DJ JFX and Zack Reed.

“Walk Out” was inspired by the realization that most people are living their lives based on the negativity handed down by another person. It is the duty of those who have the strength to see past the negativity, to reach out to others and guide them away from soaking in the garbage. In her own words, Karamanti said the following: “All I’m saying on the song is that if they try to teach me their fears and / or negativity (which is what I see most of the world peddling) I’m walking out.”

We hope you enjoy the free download of the song below and please add it to your play lists and mixes today!

Click Here for a free Download of Karamanti’s Brand New Single “Walk Out”

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