LIKKLE LIGHTNING Biography (@likklelightning)

Likkle Lightning_008Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Likkle Lightning has crafted a colorful brand of roots reggae music, all based on his upbringing and life experiences. MJ Magazine – a publication that is known for its authentic representation of Jamaican music – describes Likkle Lightning‘s sound as a refreshing throwback; “taking us back to when Reggae & Dancehall was all about fun and good lyrics.”

Likkle Lightning moved from the capital of Jamaica, when he was a teenager to the rural countryside with his grandparents. It was there that he learned to appreciate nature and understood the value of hard work and the love of family. Without the distraction of the city, Likkle Lightning was able to learn the real roots of reggae and honed his craft as a songwriter.

He started his career by playing live shows with two of Jamaica’s most respected veteran reggae/dancehall artists: King Yellowman and Professor Nuts. Likkle Lightning climbed the Jamaican music scene rapidly. He began recording and producing his songs in 2011 on his own Sonhi Productions label. All this was done at the legendary Tuff Gong Studios (Bob Marley). It wasn’t long before Likkle Lightning was playing live shows internationally; opening up for established artists such as: Everton Blender (Jamaican Music Award Nominee), Warrior King (Marcus Garvey Award), Turbulence and so much more.

Likkle Lightning is also an avid campaigner for nurturing today’s youth; appearing on anti-gun and anti-crime platforms, as well as promoting non-violence in his lyrics and live shows. Whether it’s achieving radio plays across the globe or featuring in publications from The Star to The Observer, Likkle Lightning is on an unwavering rise in the reggae world. There is no telling where he will strike next.

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