Exile Di Brave Confirmed For The 2018 Aarhus Reggae Festival (@exiledibrave)

ExileThe poised, confident and lyrically talented artist, Exile Di Brave, will join the likes of Macka B, Queen Omega, Perfect Giddimani and others on the 2018 Aarhus Reggae Festival.

With bubbling enthusiasm and interactive performances, Exile Di Brave has captivated audiences locally in Jamaica as well as on the international stage.

Using social commentary and personal related contents to bring out his messages, he has recorded songs such as “Voice of the Young,” “If This Is Love” and his hit-single “Hungry.” The multi-talented singer currently operates EDB Entertainment and has already released three albums: “The Calling” (2013), “The Journey Begins” (2015) and “To The Foundation” (2016), while constantly putting out new music like his recent EP “Exile Di Brave Meets Black Star” (2017).

The Aarhus Reggae Festival will take place at Voxhall – Vester Allé 15, 8000 – in Aarhus, Denmark on August 24th and 25th. Advanced tickets are available HERE.

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