DYCR Releases 3rd Studio Album, Entitled “Dub, Stories and Poetry”

DYCRD.Y.C.R. continues to chant tales of love, freedom and stories of relationship, in a humorous but realistic way on his third studio album, entitled Dub, Stories and Poetry. The project lives up to expectations with 16 lively inspiring songs, which comes as no surprise given that DYCR was dubbed “Jamaica’s loudest mouthpiece.”

Dub, Stories and Poetry is produced by Marvyn Williams and Mervyn Williams for Tad’s Records. It is now available for sale via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other digital music platforms worldwide.

1. Jah
2. Poet of Love
3. Chicka Pow
4. Bother di Pope
5. Hold It Natty
6. Mothers Love
7. Nyrie
8. Peg Vampire
9. Bleach and Tattoo
10. Under Lox
11. Rings and Knobs
12. Farmer
13. Pull Me Mek Mi Tie Yu
14. Jackylin
15. He Don’t Love You featuring Little John and Terry Ganzie
16. Prayer

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