Veteran Reggae Musician, Jungle George, Releases New Single “Cut & Clear”

CUT & CLEAR.pngVeteran guitar player and former member of Lloyd Parkes & We The People Band, Jungle George, has just released his first single. The song is titled Cut & Clear and it was written and produced by Jungle George at his very own recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica. Cut & Clear is a laid back, yet powerful reggae song, which is done in the form of a prayer. On the track, Jungle George asks for divine intervention to counteract the onslaught of negative energy that seems to be dominating the place.

When asked what inspired the record, Jungle George had this to say:
“Some time ago I wrote a song called How Long which is about demons that come down on the earth and caused us to be negative and wicked towards each other… after having a conversation with my friends about that song, I decided to do Cut & Clear, which is all about getting rid of the demons and negativity.”

Cut & Clear is on the Jungle George Production label and it is being distributed by Zojak Worldwide. Expected iTunes date is August 10th.


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