Ruach Ru Releases Two Brand New Singles; “Hold Strong” & “Sunshine”! (@RuachRu)

Ruach Ru Releases Two Brand New Singles; “Hold Strong” & “Sunshine”After creating quite a buzz with her record, Mr. Player Man, which was released earlier this year, reggae recording artist Ruach Ru is now sharing new music from her growing catalogue. Earlier today, the singer posted the iTunes link for two brand new singles, namely; Sunshine and Hold Strong.

Sunshine is a timeless song that is both laid back and inspirational all in one. Done on a Caribbean pop rhythm, it puts its listeners in a relaxed state, while the lyrics simultaneously inspires you to do what must be done in order to live the life you desire. This is what Ruach Ru had to say about this track: “Sunshine is all about self-discovery, empowerment, health wealth and abundance. Become like the sunshine, shine bright like a beam… the way you were supposed to be.”

Hold Strong is almost the opposite of Sunshine, from an audible standpoint. It is a bouncy reggae song with a seemingly deeper message of not giving up regardless what must be endured. According Ruach Ru, “Hold Strong was written as a song of encouragement for everyone. Regardless of age, gender race we all face challenges, but it’s important to continue to believe in self, dream a new dream and keep on creating and pushing for success.”

Both songs can now be streamed and downloaded directly from Ruach Ru’s very own digital music store:

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