New Reggae Video: UnLymited – No Badda With The Gun Thing (@mjhmusik)

JordanCoverRecording artist UnLymited has joined a number of reggae and dancehall voices currently speaking out against guns and gun violence in Jamaica. His latest song and video, No Badda With The Gun Thing, sends a powerful message to the would be gun slingers, warning them not to go that route. Needless to say that this record is very timely as once again there is an uptick in gun related killings across the island.

Click here or on the image above to watch the video, and here to purchase the single from your favorite digital music store.

Jordan Morris, also known as UnLymited, was born in Saint Catherine, Jamaica. He later moved, with his mother, to the Tower Hill community in Kingston, where they lived for a few years. They again moved, and eventually settled in May Pen, Clarendon, where UnLymited pretty much spent most, if not all of his teenage years.

UnLymited discovered his talent right around fifth grade when he was in Primary school. His 5th grade teacher gave out a class poem and asked students to put their own spin on the poem. UnLymited did a rap version of the poem and the entire class went wild. From that point on he knew he had the gift of music and he has been performing and following his dream ever since. UnLymited has been influenced by all genre of music and by many artists, both past and present.

Currently UnLyminited is working with MJHmusik on a few singles, with an upcoming album to follow. After years of preparation, UnLymited has emerged as a formidable singer / songwriter in the music industry. With his determination and talent there is no doubt UnLymited will be a major force going forward as he continues on his musical journey.

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