Legendary Reggae Drummer, Fred Campbell, Releases New Single Via His SkaJamz Band

Fred CampbellFred Cambell has worked with some of the biggest Jamaican stars from the 60’s: Prince Buster, Owen Grey and others. He has even played for international R&B artists like Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson.

Today Fred manages the SkaJamz Band, a group dedicated to playing and promoting authentic ska music. They recently released a cover of Bob Marley’s Simmer Down, which they recorded at Tropic Isle Studios in Tamarac, Florida.

When asked what inspired him to remake the song, Fred had this to say: One afternoon in late May Eugene and myself were talking about the state of the music industry and how it was dominated by vocals, so I said, I think I’ll do a vocal track for Skajamz. You don’t have a vocalist said Eugene. That’s ok, I’ll ask my friend Trevor (Lopez). Well, I got busy and wrote an arrangement for the band and in early June, we were in the studio. This was a warm afternoon in June 2017 and we did a one take of Simmer Down. I chose this song because I liked it and I know my listeners would know and like it also.

Click here to listen to Simmer Down.

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