Informative History Man – Biography

Informative History ManThere has been a number of important voices in the history of Reggae music; Bob Marley, Mutabaruka, Big Youth, Peter Tosh etc. but none as culturally explanatory as the Informative History Man.

Born in Kingston Jamaica, Informative History Man spent some of his youthful days in both Saint James and Clarendon. He went back and forth between both parish because his mother is from Saint James while his father is from Clarendon. The Informative History Man has been a keen observer of historically important events from an early age. As he got older, he figured that after absorbing all these information over the years, it was time to release them to the public. Music became the vehicle by which History Man would release his years of stored positive information.

Honing his skills as a DJ on sound systems such as: Destroyer, Soul Shack and Zion Roots gave him the confidence to pursue his artistic ambition. Additionally, performing on a number of talent shows, one of which was the Tastee Talent Contest (which he won in 2000) brought him to the masses who was eager for his cultural music.

Since being in the spotlight, Informative History Man has continued releasing educational and inspirational lyrics that has gained him enormous respect in music. A world traveler, he has collaborated with a number of artists from different cultural backgrounds: Jah Mason (from Jamaica), Junior C (from Argentina), Sista Caro (from France), Don Goliath (from Germany), Nespo Fernandez (from Colombia), Ras Nniemjah (from Ivory Cost) and that is just to name a few.

His recording of Bob Marley Story remains his most known to date; but also impressive are African Inventors, Canadian Prime Ministers, Tribute to Peter Tosh and Obama Tribute. Informative History Man has ignite thousands on his many performances around the world where his music serves as edu-tainment.

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