Ruach Ru’s ‘Pon Di Endz’ Was A Success! (@RuachRu)

Sabrina Ruach

Sabrina Diva & Ruach Ru live at ‘Pon Di Endz’

We are happy to announce that October’s staging of ‘Pon Di Endz’ was a success! All the artists gave stellar performances and the people came out to support Ruach Ru on her birthday. In addition to the talents that were billed for the show, there were a couple of surprise guests who came out despite not being on the event, namely: Grub Cooper (from the legendary soca / reggae band Fab 5) and reggae veteran Mikey General.

When asked how she feels about the event, this is what Ruach Ru had to say:
“The second edition of Pon Di Endz was a tremendous success and I’d like to thank everyone that was involved and everyone that supported the event. To all the artistes, fans and supporters nuff love and respect. The third edition is coming up in December and will be bigger and better. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there.”

‘Pon Di Endz’ was held on Wednesday, October 31st at Mello Sports Bar & Lounge in Kingston, Jamaica. This is a bi-monthly stage show featuring various artists, poets, musicians etc. As October 31st was Ruach Ru birthday, the event was also her official birth-night party.

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