House Of Ruach Designs Launches New T-Shirt & Hat Line Called “Chat Bout” (@RuachRu)

rr designsSinger/songwriter Ruach Ru, who is also a fashion designer, has just launched a new line of t-shirts and hats called Chat Bout. The t-shirts, which are currently only available
in men sizes, come in a wide variety of colors, as does the unisex hats. Both hats and t-shirts can be purchased directly from Ruach Ru via her digital store:

When asked what inspired the Chat Bout line right now, especially as her music career is going so good, Ruach Ru said the following:

“I have always been designing, I actually started designing before I started doing music. I released a line in 2012 called the Cleopatra line and it was predominantly for females and it featured wraps that women could wear. Since then a lot of people have been asking me to release something for the men; but since then I’ve been focusing a lot on the music and right now I feel is the right time to launch the t-shirts which are for both men and women. So it’s about enhancing brand Ruach and you know, just sharing with everybody a little bit more about what I do.”

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