Jamaican-Canadian Artist Tha Vor Turns His Healthy Lifestyle Into A Business (@ThaVor)

Tha Vor editIn 2014, after performing in New York, Jamaican-Canadian hip-hop artist, Tha Vor, became very ill. Subsequent to some evaluation, it became obvious that though he was a vegetarian at time he had to make further amendments to his diet. He then started to pay close attention to what he was consuming, which resulted in him studying Psychology of Disease and Holistic Health at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. He also did an intense study into alkaline based foods and herbs.

Being a Reiki Master, Tha Vor started to help people with eye problems, sciatica, back, shoulder and knee pain, as well as other ailments. He eventually started his own business, Ancient Herbal Health, with his own line of products which includes: Colon Cleansers, Pain Done, Alkaline Liquid Iron and others.

This is what Tha Vor had to say about his new herbal healthy lifestyle:
“I felt this was needed not only in our community but worldwide. Starting a business also helped me to grasp the idea and understanding that music was just like any other business. As an artist you do a show after the audience leaves other than the music and merchandise there’s no other connection. Many go home still sick with their problems or have family members that aren’t well. So the music only heals or touches a part of them. I feel my mission is bigger than just music so with this in mind I made a website where people could order products from me to help them with various health issues.”


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