Exco Levi Warns Of Fraudulent Promoter In Finland & Costa Rica (@Excolevi)

Exco LeviInternational reggae artist Exco Levi is warning his fellow musicians about a fraudulent show promoter operating out of Finland and Costa Rica. See below the message he shared on his Facebook page only a few days ago (we have not edited the message in any way).

“I am appealing to fellow musicians be weary of dealing with Finland /Costa Rican artist / promoter Prenton Bless. He has a signed contract for 3 shows and still not paid the 50% deposit for Exco Levi. We agreed to send him promotional material on receipt of deposit as contracted. Payments were sent in 4 parts over 6 weeks and deposit in full has still not been received.

He would not or could not discuss the name and address of the venues he claims he has booked 3 shows. Hotel confirmation has still not been received. He asked us to enter Costa Rica as tourists we told him we would not do that. We do not enter countries without appropriate documentation. We called one venue he listed on a flyer and the venue was unaware of the show 4 weeks before the event. He continued to behave in an unprofessional manner and because we have a contract signed by him we did not seek other other shows, resulting in loss of revenue and brand opportunities. We want to remind him that payment in full is required if contract is cancelled less than 120 days prior to event. Full balance is required and we urge him to ceast and desist from maligning my Exco Levi or my management team in any way shape or form. We also direct Prenton Bless Do not under any circumstances release the video Warning which is in your position. He has no authority so to do.

We appreciate the support of Costa Rican Fans and I look forward to performing for my fans and supporters in the near future. One love.”

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