Tha Vor – Biography (@ThaVor)

1239282_611644885570851_1606171990_oPatrick Edwards, who is publicly known as Tha Vor, was born in Jamaica but was raised in Toronto. From his Rastafarian roots, he uses this source along with his experiences in Toronto to create a fusion of reggae and hip-hop music.

Inspired by some of history’s most powerful musical voices: Nas, 2Pac, Bob Marley and other like-minded individuals; Patrick is committed to making music that both educates and enlightens. That being said, he was very careful to brand himself with a name that generally represents his lyrical content. He first adopted the name Demitsedek, which means voice of righteousness in the Amharic language. That was later broken down to Tha Vor, which basically means the same thing but is a lot easier for his fans and supporters to pronounce.

Some of Tha Vor‘s earliest musical experiences took place in his teenage years when he was a member of the group Blyxpoc. As a unit they were fortunate to have done a lot of shows in and around their community. It was Tha Vor‘s involvement in this group that cemented his aspirations to be a recording artist.

Over the years Tha Vor has worked with several artists and producers on various projects: Abendigo Productions (King Of Glory and Declaration), Juno Award Winner Exco Levi (Everyday Ghetto and In Adis), Smoke Shop Production (What They Want and Miss Jamaica), Marcus Kane (Now You’re Gone), Gutty Bling Claims Records (Times so dread) and his own Ancient Tung Records (Knowledge Of Self Compilation and Star Wars). He was also featured on a remix with legendary reggae superstar Mavado’s Sneak Peak Riddim alongside Beenie Man, Sean Paul and Elephant Man.

As it relates to performances, Tha Vor has performed at culture shows, summer festivals, Club 400, Rivoli, Trilogy Nightclub, Lambadina, Poor Alex Theatre, Comfort Zone, Static Night Club and The Miss Jamaica 2012 Fundraiser. In September, 2014 he travelled to New York City and performed at the popular “Roc the Mic” showcase. He has even opened for legendary rap group Onyx.

In addition to his thriving music career Tha Vor is also a Reiki Master who helps people with eye problems, sciatica, back, shoulder and knee pain, as well as other ailments. He is the owner of Ancient Herbal Health, a company that specializes in: Colon Cleansers, Pain Done, Alkaline Liquid Iron and others.

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