Introducing Recording Artist SOULJII

souljiiMatthew Barton, more popularly known as Souljii, is a Jamaican recording artist specializing in the reggae and dancehall genres. As a past attendee at both Clan Carthy High School and B&B University College, Souljii‘s initial career interests were that of a lawyer (first) and politician (second). That being said, his passion for music has always been with him, as he was introduced to the art form by his father, Sunshine, a reggae artist in his own right.

Alas, due to financial challenges, Souljii had to abandon his desire to be a lawyer and have decided to focus on his political and musical ambitions instead. He is currently the president of the CYD, a youth arm of the NDM (Jamaica’s National and Democratic Political Movement). As it stands now, the party is inactive, so Souljii is giving all his time and attention to his career as a recording artist.

Having had consistent support from his family since he made his first song at age nine, Souljii is now signed with Sekimhaj Records, a label he connected with many years ago. He met Michael Reynolds, the CEO and owner of Sekimhaj Records, while he was at HEART TRUST NTA L.E.A.P doing a music program. Michael was the instructor of the program and Souljii was one of the vocalist in the band. After Souljii left HEART, he stayed in contact with Michael Reynolds and the two men continued to work together.

Today Souljii is officially signed to Sekimhaj Records label and has released several songs under that umbrella. He is now in the process of working on his first EP, which he hopes to have out soon. When Souljii is not in the studio working on music, he dedicates his time to a nonprofit organization where he is the Associate Director. He is also working on a new radio program called ‘Mekwichat,’ on which he will be a co-presenter.



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