As Female Dancehall Artists Continue To Demean Themselves, Lady G Returns To Set A New Standard!

IMG_20190513_045434_660Lady G, who was one of the dominant female dancehall artist from the late eighties, early nineties, is back!

The artist, who is a proud mother, seems to have stepped away from the business to dedicate time to her family. However, over the past year or so, Lady G has been appearing on some of the biggest platforms for reggae and dancehall. Initially it seemed as though she was just doing the rounds as a veteran artist, but her latest move has many thinking that she is definitely back and ready to work. That move is the release of ‘Nah Sell Out Me Soul; a song featured on GT Taylor’s new rhythm compilation (Staga Riddim).

In a day and age where most women in dancehall seem to be little more than prostitutes with microphones, it is so refreshing to hear a clean, conscious song from a female dancehall artist. Ironically, Lady G touched on exactly what a lot of these other women are doing, selling out their souls. Welcome back Lady G, you were missed.

An observation by Maria Jackson

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