Mr. Vegas Concerned About The Number Of Men Now Killing Their Spouses, As He Promotes New Song, “Can’t Go Without” (@MrVegasMusic)

MSH_1717In a recent interview with the Jamaica Star, dancehall artist Mr. Vegas recalls his public emotional meltdown after finding video footage of his baby-mother cheating on him. ‘I am past that long time now. I dealt with all the emotions, as well as the ridicule that came with it, and I think other people can learn from my example,’ Mr. Vegas told The Star.

The artist is now promoting his new single, “Can’t Go Without,” in which he says, ‘Me can’t go without sex fi a week, but bad man nah kill no gyal weh cheat.’ The artist is using this new record to encourage men to deal with their emotions as oppose to physically hurting their spouse.

“Can’t Go Without” is catchy dancehall song, produced by Marlon Folkes for Reggae Vibes Music. It was officially released on June 20th and has been getting good reviews by music lovers.


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