Have You Heard Karamanti’s New Album “Hurt People”?

kara new picOn June 25th, Karamanti released her 3rd studio album, “Hurt People.” This is a ten-track project – three poems and seven songs – with one concept; serving as an inspiration to those that have struggled with abuse and/or depression.

“Hurt People” is divided into three parts. Part one, which is labelled Survive, speaks to domestic abuse, child abuse (both at home & in the church), rape and finally, depression. Part two is all about Overcoming the hurt and healing. And the last section warns the listener not to get stuck, emphasizing the importance of finding inner-peace and happiness after the abuse / depression has ended. In other words, Thriving.

With Panamanian-born, American-based producer, Arioso Legato, composing all the rhythms, “Hurt People” is carving out its own unique genre, called ragga-soul. This is a hardcore yet soulful sound from the Caribbean. The album is on both Karamanti’s own Blakkwuman22 Music label as well as Arioso Legato Music. It is being distributed exclusively by Blakkwuman22 Music.

Though “Hurt People” is available on all the major music platforms, each song can be previewed, in full, prior to download from Karamanti’s personal music store: www.karamanti.bandcamp.com.

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