Tha Vor’s Reggae EP Will Be Released On August 3rd (@ThaVor)

Hip-hop artist Tha Vor will be releasing a five-track reggae EP on Saturday, August 3rd. The very powerful project will display Tha Vor’s deep Rastafarian roots with songs like “King of Glory,” a record honoring Emperor Haile Selassie and “Mystical Youth,” a descriptive song that focuses on the Emperor’s life from his childhood to his time as sovereign ruler of Ethiopia.

The EP, which is titled The Mystikal Yute, is on Tha Vor‘s own Ancient Tung Records label.

Though the artist will be releasing a reggae EP he is making it clear that this will not affect the hip-hop projects he’s working on. That being said, his fans can be on the lookout for the official video for Star Wars, which will be released any day now.

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