Rhoda Isabella’s Bio (@rhoda_isabella)

rhoda isabella

Popularly known for her soulful and powerfully anointed performances, she is often compared with popular international psalmist Maranda Curtis, whom she lauds as one of her inspirations along with Benita Jones, Mali Music, Darrel Walls from the Walls Group and Kirk Franklin. Rhoda is a warm, caring, very committed and an effervescent individual who loves wholeheartedly and values family and friendship. Her life is characterized by her deep relationship with Christ and her commitment to fulfilling her purpose by impacting the world with the undiluted message of God’s love through music. After the dissolving of the group iWorshipp in March 2017, she has embarked on a new mission as a solo gospel recording artiste.

Having had her fair share of real life experiences and struggled with low self esteem, she now has a new found determination to stay true to her calling and create an impact across the world, as a bold ambassador for Christ in the earth. For Rhoda, when she found music she found herself.

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