Established Reggae Artist Turbulence Releases New Single With Canadian Artist Tha Vor (@thavor @turbulence876)

turbulence and thavorSometime ago Turbulence, who broke out on the reggae scene in the early 2000’s, got together with British / Canadian producer Demolition Man to lay vocals for a track with then emerging hip-hop artist Tha Vor. Both Turbulenceand Tha Vor were under the impression that the song, titled “Everyday Struggle,” would be released immediately, but sadly Demolition Man decided to stop the project and move on to something else.

Recently, a more established and business savvy Tha Vor, in consultation with his team, and after attempting to get the producer to complete the project on numerous occasions, decided to have it mastered and released on his own Ancient Tung Records. That being said, the song was officially released on July 30th, and has already been added to DJ Kat’s top 5 reggae chart in the U.K.

Click here to download “Everyday Struggle.”

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