Everything You Need To Know About Ifa Tunde’s New Album “Melanin”

222195_1029558708510_5872335_nIfa Tunde Orunmila has been working on his upcoming album, Melanin, for the past nine years. The official release date is August 18th.

The reason the project has taken so long is simply because Ifa Tunde is not your average artist. Having been initiated into the ways of the Orishas (Òrìṣà) (which is a Yoruba tradition), he  views life from a spiritual stand point and makes all decisions accordingly. That being said, he didn’t feel the need to rush or put a time limit on his work.

Though ‘Melanin’ took a long time to complete, it was definitely worth the wait as it is a well produced, inspirational roots reggae masterpiece. Musicians featured on this project includes: Trevor Bonnick (Skatta), who is the lead singer for Inner Circle. He played various instruments, provided harmonies and mixed the entire project; Benje “Donovan” Belnavis (bass guitar); Paul “Titus” Green (rhythm guitar); Steven “Lenky” Marsden (piano) and Shanti(harmonies). It was mastered by Delroy “Spider” Thompson at Anchor Studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

As if all the aforementioned isn’t enough to solidify “Melanin” as a great record, it also boast collaborations with Mikey General, Skatta and Shaddu. All songs were recorded at Cube Music JA.

When asked why the name “Melanin,” a thoughtful Ifa Tunde responded with the following:

“The reason I call my album Melanin is because I absorb the light from the cosmos and convert it into sound and that sound is my music. My music is the harmonic sound, the universal music, the sound that connects everything as one.”

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