Black Thought’s ‘Reflection’ Set For Brooklyn, NY On Oct. 10th (@blackthought)

black-thought-lsTariq “Black Thought” Trotter, Co-Founder and Lead MC/Singer of The Legendary Roots Crew, presents Reflections, a four-day multimedia curation at National Sawdust. Trotter will explore various concepts, people, and creative works central to his identity through a curated set of performers, spanning a wide range of styles.

Critically acclaimed musicians, singers, visual artists and more, will converge onstage alongside Trotter. With a different set of performers each night, the series offers four completely distinct yet equally dynamic and emotional experiences.

On Thursday, October 10th, Trotter presents Senegalese Sierra Leonian, fresh to death. This will all go down at National Sawdust (80 North 6th Street) in Brooklyn, NY. This multi-sensory performance will be an embrace of West African identity. Get tickets now!

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