IfaTunde Releases Single With Veteran Reggae Artist Mikey General (@MikeyGeneral7 @Touchroad_de)


Taken from his recently released album, “Melanin,” UK based roots artist IfaTunde Orunmila is now sharing the song “All Over the World,” which is a collaboration done with veteran international artist Mikey General. 

“All Over the World” is a powerful record that addresses the ongoing, and in most cases unnecessary battle taking place on the world stage. In their respective verses both artists shed light on different aspect of the various tensions, while simultaneously asking, what are they fighting for. Highlighting the fact that none of us owns the earth so fighting over it makes no sense.

“Melanin” was released in August of this year and it features Trevor Bonnick (Skatta), who is the lead singer for Inner Circle. He played various instruments, provided harmonies and mixed the entire project; Benje “Donovan” Belnavis (bass guitar); Paul “Titus” Green (rhythm guitar); Steven “Lenky” Marsden (piano) and Shanti (harmonies). It was mastered by Delroy “Spider” Thompson at Anchor Studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

As if all the aforementioned isn’t enough to solidify Melanin as a great record, it also boast collaborations with Mikey GeneralSkatta and Shaddu. All songs were recorded at Cube Music JA.


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