Confused After Watching Koffee’s New Video “W”!

KoffeeWeTransfer-09691So I just checked out Koffee‘s new video with Gunna, titled “W.” Initially the plan was to watch the video and simply write a brief article letting people know that it’s out so they can go view it.

Alas, after watching it I became a bit troubled as I struggled to understand the meaning behind it. The video starts with Koffee in church and a pastor preaching. It then showed clips of the news warning of a storm, while people run around as they get prepared for it. Additionally, and this is very important, there are some close up shots of people dressed in their church attire sprinkled throughout.

The aforementioned can be found pretty early in the video; what concerns me is that as we get deeper into the visuals the energy shifts, moving from what started out positive, spiritual etc. to negative and dark with everyone flashing money, including the pastor.

Now for the sake of full transparency I will say that I am not a religious person at all, but I was raised to have respect and reverence for churches and houses of worship. That being said, to see the director go that route with the video was really disturbing.

Anyways, click here or on the image above to watch it for yourself.

An observation by Maria Jackson.

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