Disc-Jock Redeem To Host In-Studio Concert Live On Roots FM This Friday! (@IMREDEEM)

dj redeem

On Friday, December 20th, radio personality Disc-Jock Redeem will be presenting his last broadcast show for the year. He has invited several artists to join him for a live in-studio stage-show starting at 12:05 AM (Jamaica time). Persons in Kingston and the surrounding areas can tune in via 96.1 FM, while those outside of those regions can stream the show online: http://rootsfmja.com/live (listen) or facebook.com/discjockredeemakasir (watch).

. Craig Ed East
. Queen Intress
. Oba Simba
. Imar Shephard
. Karamanti
. Iya Tear
. Jahbralta
. George P
. Written
. Inspired
. Lavish
. Hardio
. Prince Saj
. Skyfrass
. Silverstone
. Moeish
. Merchant
. Tellah Dawkins
. Iya Ingi
. Lipstyck 

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