Dancehall/Reggae Artist Johnny Smooth Re-enters The Music Industry After A Long Break!

Johnny Smooth 2Dancehall/Reggae recording artist Johnny Smooth started out singing in church, mostly as a solo vocalist, and at times as a member of the choir. Back then he was called Johnny Cool, which was later changed to Johnny Smooth because audiences said his vocal delivery was very smooth, plus there was already a singer with the name Johnny Cool.

In addition to performing in church, Smooth was also very popular in his community, singing on the local sound systems and later with established roots artist Courtney Melody. Once he started doing dubplates he stepped up his game and entered several Tastee Talent Contest competitions, earning as close as fourth place.

Determined to keep his name out there, Smooth participated in the Guinness Road Show contest and did very well. That earned him an opportunity to perform on the Reggae Sun Splash stage. After a good reception on Sun Splash, Johnny Smooth did a number of cover songs. He eventually started creating original tracks as his popularity grew.

Alas, his work in the private sector, which kept him very busy, pulled him away from music for a long while. However, he is now ready to re-enter the industry with his powerful new single “Lightning & Thunder.” Johnny Smooth is now working with talented producer and songwriter Michael Reynolds, who is the CEO and owner of Sekimhaj Records. Reynolds is also the author behind Johnny‘s new release.


6 thoughts on “Dancehall/Reggae Artist Johnny Smooth Re-enters The Music Industry After A Long Break!

  1. Bless up artist been a long time coming love the growth an maturity keep up the good work this is the year of vision 2020 don’t bless up


  2. Big up to my likkle bro Johnny Smooth. Nuff respect you large. I love and appreciate your clean lyrics it warms my heart. May this be your best year ever may all your dreams and aspirations come true and please call me if u need me. I will always b here for u. Big sista seh so.!!! Big up bless up. Nuff love.


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