Hodari Q Ends 2019 In The #1 Spot On Disc-Jock Redeem’s Global Chart – Year In Review (@IMREDEEM)

10610880_10154513702070173_7111823699810536121_nMr. Peppa held the #4 spot for four weeks with “Shake” for Global Castle Production. Turbulence also held the #4 spot for four weeks with “I Wah Know” for DJ Mekka Music & Unity Vibes Production. Craig Ed East held the #3 spot for two weeks with “Run around Girl” for Deano Dean Records. Hodari Q held the #3 spot for four weeks with “Ya Ya Ya” for Skytime Records. “Nah Ease Up” by Simple Cool Voice, produced by Global Castle Production was #3 for two weeks and #2 for two weeks.

Ras Isheal promo song “Can’t Get Me Down” held the #2 spot for two weeks. “Love the Vibes” by Fancy D for Music Tower Production, held the #2 spot for three weeks and maintained being at #1 for two weeks. Justice Teacher entered the chart at #7 and quickly moved up the chart after a couple weeks. He came close to #1 with the song “Make Money” for Di Kemys Records but had to settle with being at #2 for three weeks. “Rise” by Dillgin for Wall Street Records, locked down the chart for four weeks at the #1 spot.

It appears Hodari Q was not satisfied with being at #3 for four weeks on the chart, so he had another song submitted to the chart which was a collaboration with Artist / Producer Roe Summers. The song “Boogie Down (All Night)” produced by Roe Summers for Irish Hill Records, entered the chart at #2 where it remained for two weeks before moving on to claim the #1 spot for five weeks.

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