Teacha Dee & Kass Smith Release New Video “Pushing You” (@iamteachadee @KassSmith2019)

IMG-20200303-WA0008A few years ago, Kass Smith, who was working on his upcoming album in Jamaica at the time, invited Teacha Dee to collaborate on a bilingual track. Teacha Dee, who had just released an album which featured productions by House Of Riddim, decided to turn again to the Austrian heavy weights for an instrumental for this new project.

The song, titled “Pushing You,” portrays Teacha Dee as a student learning from Kass Smith, the ways to avoid negative energies that people throw at him on a daily basis. This Single was initially released by House Of Riddim in May of 2018, but the album version was reserved for Kass Smith‘s up coming album.

The video was shot in Mexico in May, 2019. The concept of the video is one of conversation. It shows the Pacific Ocean personified as a great pushing force and the rocks as their protection. The Authentic Mayans also gave some cultural background to the visuals, showing the beauty of Mexico.


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