Jamaica’s PM Has Restrict All Public Gatherings For The Next 14 Days (All Shows/Festivals Postponed Or Canceled)

Bounty-Killer-Andrew-Holness-and-Tony-RebelPrime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that there will be no permits issued for public gathering over the next fourteen (14) days. The Prime Minister stated that permits that have already been granted will be revoked in light of the second case of COVID-19 in Jamaica.

Speaking at a media conference following an emergency Cabinet meeting on March 11th, Prime Minister Holness reiterated there is no need to panic.

“Where the law requires the granting of a permit for any event or gathering, no permits will be issued within the next 14 days, so that means any event, any entertainment events, any gathering that requires the issuing of a permit, we will instruct the permitting authorities, police, and the municipal councils not to issue any permits. Permits that are already issued will be rescinded, revoked effectively. We are placing a ban on those forms of gatherings. However, there are still private companies, [and] business that are having meetings, weddings, funerals, and Sunday morning church service, we are asking the public [to exercise] responsibility,” said Prime Minister Holness.

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