M.R’s Biography

M RM.R, whose birth name is Michael Reid (known on social media platforms as “mykalread”) is a Jamaican born, Canadian based gospel recording artist, musician and songwriter.

Michael grew up in a christian home in a small district in Jamaica known as Mount Moriah with his mother, father and two sisters. He attended the Mount Moriah Primary School, Edwin Allen High and subsequently enrolled in the Hospitality Skills program at the Runaway Bay Heart Trust Institute. After completing his Hospitality Skills course, he went on to work in the hotel industry for over seven (7) years.

From an early age M.R has always been passionate about music. He would transform any suitable surface into a drum set, hitting it with either his hands, pieces of stick, pens or pencils. His passion for music was so intense that at the age of eleven (11) he was sent to do music lessons with a family friend who was visiting from England. He initially started learning to play both the electric guitar and drums but quickly grew disinterested. He then expressed interest in the keyboard / piano and was taught the basic triads of C, F and G chords before his tutor returned home. With the little knowledge that M.R garnered, he started practicing at his home church, and became so committed and passionate that he taught himself to play at a professional level by way of the internet.

Fast forward to 2019, which is when M.R wrote his first published song titled “hallelujah,” sung by Crystal Reid, whom he also manages. He is currently gearing up to release his first track called “The Gospel Must Be Preached”; while simultaneously working on his debut album.

A husband and also the father of three (3) beautiful daughters, M.R is a God fearing, humble and unique individual who is committed to represent Christ not only in his music but also in his everyday lifestyle.

In 2014, M.R migrated to Canada for work purposes. While there, he attended the Refuge Temple Church where he later became the music minister. He then realized that he had a calling on his life not only to play music and preach but also to write songs.

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