Survey Shows Jamaicans Happy With The Way The Government Is Handling The Corona Virus On The Island (@AndrewHolnessJM)

andrew holness2Although Jamaica only has 13 confirmed cases of the corona virus it is clear that the government continues to ramp up their efforts to combat the spread. With that in mind, I went out on the streets in Kingston to see what people are saying about the way the Andrew Holness Administration is dealing with this pandemic.

Because of the restrictions on public gathering and the closure of some businesses I was only able to survey a few people; but everyone I spoke with, whether PNP or JLP, said that the government is doing a great job. Many have even said that it is being handled better here than in most “first world countries” like America, Italy, France etc.

For accurate information about the COVID19 in Jamaica persons should follow Jamaica House on Facebook and Andrew Holness on Twitter and Instagram. Our biggest enemy is misinformation.

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