New Reggae Release: M.R – Gospel Must Be Preached

A few weeks ago we shared the biography of up and coming recording artist M.R. Though he’s a new artist he is definitely not new to music. M.R is a self-taught professional musician and songwriter who’s been contributing to church choirs for years. 

That being said, Gospel Must Be Preached is his first official release as an independent vocalist and performer. The track is a catchy reggae-gospel song that is sure to inspire and captivate listeners. As the name implies, Gospel Must Be Preached is all about the importance of spreading the word of God in ‘every lane and every valley.’ 

It was produced by M.R and his team at Solomon Bill Studio in Canada, where he is based, and mixed by Audiotraxx Production (c/o Maria Jackson Entertainment) in Jamaica. The song’s artwork was also designed by Maria Jackson. According to M.R, Gospel Must Be Preached was “inspired by the times we are living in where the relevancy of the four cornered church building seems to be ineffective at fulfilling the mandate of Christ in impacting the outer world.”

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