T.D. Jakes Announces New Plans To Offer Customized Content Designed To Counter Growing Anxieties & Provide Hope During The Corona Virus Pandemic (@BishopJakes)

td jakesAmid increased COVID-19 (the novel Coronavirus) precautions set forth by government and health authorities, global spiritual leader and Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House Bishop T.D. Jakes has set forth a plan offering customized content, designed to counter growing anxieties and offer hope for those around the globe restricted from their social normalcy.

In speaking with Bishop Jakes, he has shed light on why he felt communicating to a global audience in this manner is needed and how he’ll be using his relationships with some of the nation’s leading authorities across all industries to speak to specific issues as they arise.

“The Church’s voice has never been needed more than now. I am and will continue to fight for the voice of the Church. With our new worship experiences placed in our global ministry hub designed specifically with you in mind during the COVID-19 developments, we aim to be a comfort in the middle of chaos, to strengthen your resolve, and to eliminate unnecessary worry,” remarked Jakes. “I will be collaborating with some of my friends who are the leading experts in their fields to bring you information and crucial conversations on how to better help your family during this season of uncertainty. Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. We will not leave you untouched and uncared for.”

In the coming days, Jakes will provide audiences with crucial and timely content to help families during this season of uncertainty. Customized messages are expected to speak to relevant issues such as:

• Managing PTSD and escaping addictive behaviors during times of stress.
• How to talk to children and vulnerable communities about fear and anxiety.

While The Potter’s House may have closed its doors for gathering and fellowship due to social distancing mandates, its commitment to keeping the voice of the Church reverberating throughout the globe still holds strong. The Church has commenced broadcasting and distributing exclusive content regularly. The resources are specifically designed to address escalating concerns as isolation mandates from health and government authorities are increasing.

All resources and future conversations will be shared through The Potter’s House’s free digital platforms found here: YouTube | Facebook | Web | Mobile App.

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