Reggae Star Turbulence Releases Heartfelt Single Titled “A Tribute To Mama” (@ReggaeVibesMus1 @Turbulence876)

turbulenceTurbulence, who we have all come to know and appreciate as an authentic and passionate voice in the reggae music industry, is clearly still struggling with the passing of his mother. Though she died in the Summer of 2019, the artist continues to honor her both privately and publicly. His latest single, titled “A Tribute To Mama” is a testament to that fact.

The song was officially released on March 15th on the Reggae Vibes Music label; with a lyric video following shortly thereafter (published on March 22nd).

Turbulence wants the world to know that this song means a lot to him. This is what he had to say when he was asked about it: “I lost my mother 29 of July 2019 from diabetes so all courtesy of reggaevibes we plan to put this tribute out to the world not just for my sake but for all the person who lost their mother or some one close to them who they miss dearly… this song is not an off the top of the head song but it’s a true story song all the lyrics in the song is nothing but facts it’s heart felt meaningful soulful an it means everything to me… so first thanks goes out to the fans the selectors media personnel reggae vibes for hitting the world with this one… blessed love–“

Click here to listen and download the song from iTunes and here to check out the lyric video.

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