What, If Any Responsibility Should Producers Take For The Deplorable Lyrics In Dancehall?

As dancehall music continues to sink into darker stages, with degrading women and promoting violence now the norm, shouldn’t we question the social responsibility of everyone involved in the music making process, or should we only focus (blame) the artists?

I’ve often wondered how an engineer sits behind a console and records things like: “dung inna har throat,” “mi kill baby pan breast,” and the likes. Furthermore, how does a producer get said lyrics and accept them as suitable for his rhythm driven project, record label and basically something he will permanently be associated with? What about the blogs, magazines and reporters that shed light on these type of music, giving them a platform to be seen and heard?

As Jamaicans who care about the overall moral state of the nation, we need to speak out against, and reject the direction popular dancehall music is heading in. None of us live in a bubble; this level of negativity, or dear I say evil, that we are allowing to dominate public spaces, will, sooner or later, affect us all. I fear that it has already started.

An observation by Maria Jackson

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