The Official Video For Turbulence’s ‘A Tribute To Mama’ Is Out Now! (@ReggaeVibesMus1 @Turbulence876)


In March, Turbulence, via Reggae Vibes Music, released one of the most heartfelt tribute to mothers ever recorded. The song is titled “A Tribute To Mama” and it conveys his state of mind since the loss of his mother.

Based on the positive reviews received following the release of the record, the Reggae Vibes Music team reached out to Lonewolf concerning creating the appropriate visuals. That being said, the official video, which is touching and mournful, premiered on Mother’s Day.

The following are quotes from both Turbulence and the video director regarding their experience working on the video.

“This was a heart felt video that allowed true emotions to be caught on camera. Even though I am not an artist that showcase my personal life I included my real brother and sister in the video because it was all about realness. This very important tribute is produced by Reggae Vibes Music and directed by Lone Wolf Filmz and written with all the love of my heart for all mothers out there”

The Video Director, Mario Allen:
“Working on the mama tribute was much more than just a video for me. I had the opportunity to share a story with a heartfelt pain only few carry heavy in their hearts, I had the chance to let people hear another man’s cry.

Not many persons still have their mothers, but they are not alone. With my art I can express another man’s pain visually and share their experiences so others may learn from them.

A true artist is one that helps change lives with his creation and that is what I live for. That brings me fulfillment. That is the type of director Lonewolf is.”


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