“Have I Told You” By Kingseyes Is Currently #1 On Disc-Jock Redeem’s Global Chart (@imredeem @kingseyes_music)


Disc-Jock Redeem’s Global Chart is featured on his ‘Up & Active’ radio program which airs on Roots 96.1 FM in Kingston, Jamaica, from midnight to 6 AM on Fridays. Below are the top ten songs for this week.

#1. Have I Told You by Kingseyes (Jugglers Records)
#2. Give Me A Minute by Jerone Riley (Real People Music)
#3. Nah Ease Up by Simple Cool Voice (Global Castle Production)
#4. Heartless by TK Kiss (A Town Records)
#5. Bam Bam by Hodari Q & Bay C (Skytime Records)

#6. Mr. Heartless by Fancy D (Zenith Zone Records)
#7. Admission by Toxiq Don & Inspiiired (Inspiiired Don Production)
#8. Ghetto Life by Sir Justice (Cross the Line Production)
#9. No More by Mr Love Jones (K2K3 Production)
#10. Break Free by Lafern Edward (Unity Vibes Production)

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