Soul Singer Pearl Cutten Shares New Single”You Are Beautiful” (@Pearlsound)

You Are Beautiful is Pearl Cutten’s second release from her upcoming EP ‘Fragments Of My Soul.’ The song is inspired by Pearl’s diverse cultural and religious background, which has not only enriched her life but has also challenged her free spirit. 

According to Pearl“respect, humanity and love for one another is the greatest love of all so if you choose to call that higher love God or something else, it really does not matter because it is these values that make you beautiful as a human being.”

About Pearl Cutten

Born in Botswana to a native mother and an Indian father, Pearl moved to Denmark when she was 14 years old due to her Danish stepfather. She originally started making music as a teenager to combat loneliness but it quickly became her chosen path in life. As music started occupying most of her creative time, Pearl developed her skills in several different genres: R&B, soul, jazz, house and afrobeat. 

After she moved to Aarhus she still maintained strong links with her people in Botswana despite being far apart. Now settled in Denmark, she has perfected her skills in soul, afro and jazz, and regularly performs on local shows, as well as at special events in and around Europe.

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