Karamanti Releases The Official Video For “Eyes Open Up” From Her “Hurt People” Album

kara video eyes open up

A few days ago Karamanti released the official video for “Eyes Open Up,” which is featured on her 2019 album, “Hurt People.”

The visuals were captured in Karamanti‘s city, Kingston 20 (Jamaica), a few weeks before the corona virus pandemic disrupted our daily routines. As this is her favorite song on the album, she insisted on creating a simple video that would not distract from the message in the music. That being said, the video shows her performing the song in a fun, but purposeful and deliberate manner, while clips of onlookers are sporadically placed throughout.

The “Hurt People” album was created to shine light on domestic abuse, child abuse and molestation (at home and in the church), severe despondency and dejection, and above all else, on the importance of reclaiming ones happiness after a traumatic experience. A couple years ago Karamanti went into, and eventually overcame, deep depression. The song “Eyes Open Up” was written around that time and it has since been a source of inspiration for her.


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