Part One Of ‘Global Worship’ Kicks Off This Sunday

Global Worship

As people all over the world continue to suffer because of the corona virus and millions take to the streets to protest racial inequality, religious leaders are doing what they can to provide some healing. As such, UK minister, Steve Impact, will be hosting two virtual global worship events on Sunday, June 14th and Sunday, June 21st.

The events, which are dubbed ‘Healing in Worship,’ will feature: Marvia Providence (Canada), Rev. Denzel Prempeh (USA), Felix Baffour (Canada), Emma Kusi (Ghana), Emmanuel Smith (UK), Gina Doe (Belgium), Eunice Coffie (Ghana), Lawrence Abankwa (UK) and Mattaio Matsetse (Botswana).

‘Global Worship’ will stream live on both Proskuneo Production and Steve Impact Facebook pages, starting at: 7PM (GMT) | 9PM (CAT)|2 PM (EDT)| 8PM (BST) | 9PM (CET).

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