More & More Secular Artists Are Recording And Releasing Gospel Songs

mailWe’ve noticed that in recent weeks more and more secular artists are recording and releasing gospel songs. Because these tracks were shared in the middle of the corona virus pandemic our initial thought was that everyone was scared and felt it important to reconnect with God. However, on further examination we noticed that most of the artists behind these releases are secular, some even publicly committed Rastafarians.

At the beginning of June reggae singer Glen Washington surprised us all by releasing a new gospel single. The song is titled “How Great Is Our Father,” and though it sounds like a Rastafarian praise and worship song, it was Glen who publicly said that it’s gospel. Check it out for yourself! The record is available on iTunes and all other digital music platforms.

In April Freddie McGregor shared a new single titled “If God Is For Us.” On the bouncy reggae track the big ship captain is basically reminding listeners that evil cannot stand in the face of righteousness. “If God Is For Us” has an undeniable gospel vibe, as Freddie uses strong christian language while he laments on a conversation he had with an ‘Angel.’ Click here to listen.

Additionally, a few days ago hardcore dancehall artist Karamanti shared the official video for her single “Eyes Open Up.” Though she swears up and down that it is a secular record, music critics have labelled it as gospel. Click here to watch the video.

These are just a few examples of secular reggae and dancehall artists doing gospel music. Curious to hear what the gospel community thinks about this new emerging trend.

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